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...and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

EYE love you, Santa!


I was smitten from the first moment I saw him in his outfit

Our warm Christmas welcome

Every year we invite the homeless round for dinner

Shame of sick Miss Moser

Middle-aged mum of four led a secret life of preying on young boys

'I'm going to rape you now'

Attacker hid in my attic for two days waiting to pounce

He's a human MONSTER!

Ex-marine handed TWO death sentences for his sick crimes

Santa left Dad hanging from a tree!

I told him inflatable Santa was a bad idea but he didn’t listen!

I heard a rumble, then...

Avalanche backpack saved me – but I was the lucky one

Meet my Mr Bump!

My husband should have a loyalty card for our local A&E!

Oh God, we've got the SAME DAD!

I wanted Mum at my wedding – but making contact uncovered a secret that would ruin everything

'I can't do this'

I found out the man of my dreams was a cheat – on my wedding day!

I gave my baby to a RAPIST

I thought adoption would save my daughter. I couldn’t have been more wrong...

Type 2 CHEAT!

My hubby used his diabetes as cover to have an affair