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...and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

He's the best present we've ever been given!


Tony may have lost his legs, but he’s gained a world of love

Born together - died together

Mum’s heartbreaking eulogy to twin girls crippled by depression

Tis the season to be MOLLY!

When I told my parents I wanted to transition, I never expected the reaction I got

I'm married to Bob - and martina

At the lowest point in my life, he made shock confession

Burn in Hell

The mother of a young woman who was strangled, shot and burned to death, confronted her daughter’s killer in court, telling him, ‘I hope you burn in hell.’

Proof is in the pudding

I came up with a fruity way to break my pregnancy news!

My twisted Uncle Tony

He abused me with his sick mates while he babysat me

I KILLED to save my unborn baby

I went to pick up a gift. I ended up in a violent fight for life

Very BAD Santa!

Kids got a haul of pressies... but how did he afford them?

He ate her BRAIN with a glass of BLOOD

Victim had no idea she was on menu for cannibal toyboy

The SADDEST time of the year

These days I shudder when I hear the first mention of Christmas

My speedy delivery!

The traffic may not have been moving... but my baby was!

I can't escape the GUILT

Daughter’s bullying brought back some shameful memories

What? I'm having TRIPLETS!

As the doc moved from one baby to the second, I saw another blip on the screen...

His gift proved he was PHONEY!

I never thought he’d cheat – until I saw photographic proof!

Thank you cuddle grandad!

For thousands of parents David Deutchman is a hero who has helped them through their most desperate times.

The best present EVER!

Evie proved just how selfless she was after church visit

I hope they are kind to my Tuffy!

My little girl was heartbroken when thieves stole puppy

Gay? No way!

Even some who’d met my wife didn’t think I was straight!

For your baby's sake MAN UP!

Hubby missed our baby’s birth because he was ‘too poorly’

Mum and Dad STOLE my Xmas!

Seeing my children’s faces makes me realise what I missed