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...and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

He's a fighter, a teacher and our inspiration!


He may never walk or talk – but he sure knows how to smile!

Buried in a hole

Kimberly, 3, had a life – and death – filled with suffering

Potty for noodles

My Kai, 3, will only eat one thing...

I had my drink spiked and was raped on holiday but I will keep my baby

I feel nothing but love for the life that is growing inside me

My husband is a peeping Tom

He hid secret stash of topless photos of our neighbour

I bought a scratchcard and won a BABY!

I’d given up on being a mum – but fate had other ideas

Mum ordered girl, 8, under a train to her death

An eight-year-old girl died when her mum ordered her to crawl under a train, rather than wait for it to pass, so they wouldn’t miss their bus

I got my happy ending after all

I feared the worst when my prince was at death's door

She killed her dad then had her baby

New mum accused of slaughter just before giving birth


Compurer error meant all my appointments were cancelled

I woke up on a MORTUARY SLAB

Victim couldn’t walk or talk after sickening attack

My 'no strings' lover strung me along!

I was shocked when I found out who I was really sleeping with

My periods of PAIN

They were so bad I couldn’t get out of bed for a whole week every month