10 things to do in Rio

So you’re watching the Olympics from Rio and wondering what a holiday there would be like… well love it!’s ANNA BIBBY has beat you to it! Here’s what she got up to…

1. ESCADARIA SELARON The steps leading up from Rua Joaquim Silva are a work of art. All 215 of them are covered in mosaics designed by Chilean Jorge Selaron, who dedicated it to the Brazilian people.

2. SUGAR LOAF MOUNTAIN Rio’s most well-known natural wonder offers some of the best panoramic views of the city. Take a breathtaking cable car ride to the top. A half-day trip will cost around £59 per person.

3. COPACABANA BEACH Rio’s most popular beach is the perfect place to laze in the sun and watch the world go by. There are also a number of cafes to take in the atmosphere.

4. FAVELA TOURS Get a first-hand experience of the people of Rio with a guided tour of the city’s favelas. It may not be the most glamourous side of Rio, but it really makes for an eye-opening experience of the day-to-day life and issues that the Brazilian people face.

5. CHRIST THE REDEEMER Standing 710 metres above Rio, Christ the Redeemer is Brazil’s most iconic tourist attraction (main pic, top). People from all over the world flock to Rio every year to see this famous statue and, although you can see it from every aspect of the city, you need to get up close to appreciate how magnificent it really is. We recommend a visit by taxi as it will take you most of the way up the mountain.

6. CARNIVAL! Rio is renowned for its carnivals with colourful floats and energetic samba dancers. If you are in Rio during carnival season – around late February – then you can experience it for yourself.

7. TIJUCA FOREST Tijuca is a rainforest within the city of Rio and is most noted for being the world’s biggest urban rainforest. Explore the forest to find tropical plants, animals and waterfalls. You can also arrange a guided tour from a local expert for around £27 per person.

8. CANDELARIA CHURCH Rio’s oldest church dates back to 1630, when it was founded by Antonio De Palmas. It still has its original painted ceilings and stained-glass windows.

9. THE HIPPIE MARKET Every Sunday, a ‘hippie festival’ takes place in Ipanema and is perfect if you are looking to get your hands on some hand-made goods at a great price. Here you will find jewellery, art, food and accessories all made by local artists and traders. For more information, go to tinyurl.com/hzmt5wo

10. PAQUETA ISLAND If you want to get out of the city, why not venture out to Paqueta Island? It’s an area of natural beauty and is only accessible by foot or bike.