10 things to do in Guernsey

love it!’s ANNABEL STEVENS paid a visit to one of the jewels in the Channel Islands’ crown and found there are more than a few reasons to make the trip…

1. CASTLE CORNET This 800-year-old castle was originally built to be the guardian of the island. It offers a fascinating insight into hundreds of years of Guernsey history with spectacular panoramic views.

2. HAUTEVILLE HOUSE Hauteville was the home of French author and poet Victor Hugo when he spent 15 years in exile in Guernsey. The island provided the inspiration for many of his most famous works, including Les Miserables.

3. CANDIE GARDENS Candie Gardens, a rare example of a late 19th century public flower garden, offer spectacular views across St Peter Port harbour to Herm, Sark and Jethou.

4. BIKE THE TRAILS Guernsey has an abundance of bike-friendly roads and pathways, and if you’ve not brought your own you can hire from one of the shops in St Peter Port. The northwest coast offers beautiful and leisurely routes that guarantee memorable rides.

5. GERMAN UNDERGROUND HOSPITAL This is the largest remaining structure from the occupation in the Channel Islands. Built in 1940, the tunnel complex covers 7,000 square metres and is truly an eerie insight into life on the island at the time.

6. THE LITTLE CHAPEL The smallest consecrated chapel in the world is only 16ft long and 9ft wide, and was inspired by the church and grotto in the French town of Lourdes. A quirky and quaint must-see!

7. LIHOU ISLAND Situated off the west coast of Guernsey, Lihou is accessed by winding, cobbled causeway, exposed only at low tide. This offers a unique opportunity to sit back with a picnic or explore the interesting wildlife, both above the water and below.

8. SEAFOOD SUPPER Seafood lovers are spoilt for choice on the island and there are plenty of great restaurants from where you can sample the catch of the day. You must try the local speciality, chancre crab (best in spring and autumn).

9. CATCH A WAVE If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, try a morning surf session at the sandy Vazon Bay on the west coast of the island. The more experienced can hire a board, while beginners can sign up for a lesson at Guernsey Surf School

10. ST PETER PORT The island’s capital has been voted the prettiest harbour in Europe. It has cobbled streets, harbourfront restaurants and plenty of welcoming pubs and bars.