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…and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

“No-one needs to know”

When Dawn’s dad started drinking heavily it began a downward spiral of shocking abuse…


Partying Mum leaves daughter mortified – on her wedding day…

I’ve gone from PC to PVC

Hannah had grown tired of her job in the Police force and missed the days when she worked as a part-time stripper – so she quite the force to strip again!

Girl kills her abuser dad

A 14-year-old girl killed her father with his own gun after suffering years of abuse at his hands.

Boy forced to live in a KENNEL

An evil stepmum kept a four-year-old boy in a dog kennel, beat him with a stick and forced him to drink his own urine.

Beyond EVIL

Christian Pearson was betrayed by the very person who should have loved him most in the world. He was just 10 when his own mother abused him so severely he died from his injuries.

She seemed like a normal single mum

The arrest of Marissa Mowry stunned neighbours in the quiet suburb where they shared homes. To them, she was a quiet single mum who kept herself to herself. They had no idea they were living next door to a sick sex monster.


Perverted Nolan Bruder knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to have sex with his 16-year-old sister. And the 20-year-old didn’t care that she refused to be a part of his disgusting plan.

My mangled MANHOOD

Allowing a local man to perform his circumcision wasn’t the best decision Shaun had ever made…

My son’s blind spot
Why is there a HOOKER’S HANDBAG in your car?

It was a couple of days before Christmas when Cassie found out exactly what kind of man she’d married. It suddenly became obvious why many friends and relatives had tried to warn her about Stuart…