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…and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

“I want to know what murder feels like”

Marcel Hesse is a cold-blooded killer who murdered a child for his own sick thrills and then bragged about
it online

How could our boy do such a thing?

When Tom, 13, asked us for a laptop, we never thought it would lead to this…

I’m a BIT of a cheat!

I was so desperate to win fitness challenge I used my son

My little scaredy cat

George was supposed to be the answer to my mouse phobia

Our bouncing bomb

A giant inflatable ball. What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to Manchester – sex slave capital

One of Britain’s slavery industry biggest cities hides a sickening secret – it is at the centre of the world’s sex

Operating ON the patient… IN the patient

Josh and Lexi plumped for pioneering foetal surgery – and the results are amazing

Tears of a monster

Sick Dad killed his three kids over debt worries

Wrecked by a PEANUT!

My wedding was perfect…until I ended up in hospital

Slaughtered for SATAN

Jennifer Ayers suffered a horrific ordeal at the hands of her crazed killer

The REAL Peaky Blinders

Millions have been gripped by the adventures of Thomas Shelby – played by brooding Cillian Murphy – and the
gangster Shelby clan in the hit BBC2 series Peaky Blinders. But what you may not know is that the Peaky Blinders were a REAL Birmingham gang who brought mayhem to the Midlands city in the late 19th century.

Wish you were HERE!

I missed my own hen do…but my friends made sure I was still part of the fun!

Dad loved me after all…

I only found out the truth at his funeral

Once a cheat…

I’ve given up everything for Matt, even though I know he won’t stay faithful

Dog of war

When we split up, the only sticking point was who got Rex!