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…and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

It’s still all Greek to me!

Christine’s holiday lover moved his ex-wife and kids in…

I’m just not sure any more

Teen who began sex swap aged 12 changes his mind

Filmed by a MONSTER

Vicky was horrified when her dad came into her room with a video camera

My DIRE rear!

Ever done a walk of shame? It’s usually that humiliating morning-after trek home following a wild night out. love it! readers recall their own horror stories, being caught short on a plane, waking up on a bench, and drunkenly stumbling through a job interview without having slept…!

We’re four castaways come together

Rene Denfeld’s childhood was one of abuse and neglect. But, rather than let it define her, she decided instead to save other children from the same hell by adopting…

She RIPPED her friend’s baby from the womb

Evil Ashleigh Wade lured her friend to her home on her wedding day by promising her a present – then sliced her throat and cut open her womb to steal her unborn baby.

Smooth operator!

Dawn Barber had only read about scrotox in a magazine, but after husband John agreed to have the procedure their sex life was amazing…

He’s my brave little fighter

Baby Ellis arrived after 25 weeks weighing just 2lb 1oz but fought against all the odds to survive…

Just one year in jail for ‘family man’ rapist

Robert Hall is evil. There’s no other way to describe a man who held a knife to a woman’s throat for 30 minutes while raping her. But, despite putting the woman through a living hell that damaged her for life, sick Hall was sentenced to just 12 months behind bars

Layla’s always with us

October is Baby Loss Awareness month, when bereaved parents, their families and friends unite across the globe to celebrate their babies’ lives. Here Rosie reveals the trauma of her own devastating loss…

Our paths crossed

Jeff and Jean lived just yards from each other for 40 years before they got together…

I slashed my wrists and prayed

Suicide rates among students at UK universities have risen dramatically in the past decade. New research found that 15,395 students in 2015 declared mental health issues within their first 12 months. In the same year, 134 killed themselves. Financial and academic pressures are being cited for the shocking increase. Here, love it! talks to one young woman about how the pressure of the final year of a law degree drove her to the brink of suicide…

Mummy, IT’s coming for me

Helen Rawlinson thought her 4-year-old daughter had seen cult horror movie ‘IT’ when she started to show a fear of clowns, but the explanation was far more innocent…

I’ve cheated my child

A mum is campaigning for parents to immunise their children. Her daughter, Sarah, has been left disabled and terminally ill by the measles virus. Yet For the first time since the NHS was created the rates of childhood immunisation are dropping.

I died four times

As with all teenage break-ups, it was full of angst and anguish. But Bianca Aravena’s split from her boyfriend was to have lifelong – and horrific consequences.