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…and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

Our sex life is off the scales!

It was the most unlikely setting for a love story…

My perv father called me his little princess

My life changed forever with one knock at the door

My bone chilling terror!

Child’s toy gave me the fright of my life!

My COCK & BULL story

Dog walk ended with my fella flashing his bits!

Drunk couple have sex on packed plane

A sex-crazed couple were arrested after being spotted engaging in oral sex on an aeroplane.

Arrested on child sex charges while trying to adopt

Sick pervert Erik Deemer was arrested for possessing child pornography – while he was in the process of trying to adopt a baby.

Glue’s sorry now?

My fella came to a sticky end after I found out about his secret romps

Thrashed by our cross-dressing dad

The memory of what he did to us will never leave me

Battered and raped by my viscious boyfriend

He even posted sick abuse pics on his Facebook page

‘This could be your son’

One pill and my nephew was left fighting for his life

My pregnancy was cancer

All I wanted was a baby – but I got my worst nightmare

I caught my hubby snogging my brother

It was the worst moment of my life

Love was a door knock away!

Fate seemed to throw us together… eventually!

Twins born a year apart

They may be twins, but their birth dates make them unique