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…and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

I was raped by my uncle on the school run…

Sarah Jane’s childhood ended when she was 11 years old and was introduced to her sick ‘step uncle’ Derek…

Mum caught naked with pals
“I was only having a fondle!”

When Donna returned from running an errand for her mum she couldn’t believe her eyes…

You’re my heroes

Steve and his team came to the rescue after cowboy builders stole Jacqueline’s life savings…

I’m hoping to save my brother’s life

Sophie Wright’s sons had always been close. With only a year between them, they were best friends. But when tragedy struck the family, Sophie’s eldest became a true hero…

Teacher Pupil Sex Shock
Blame my religion

When we send our children off to school we expect them to be look after, nurtured and educated. Sick Linda Hardan took advantage of that fact to satisfy her vile urges to have sex with teenage boys.

Seeing his dad makes him cry

Terry was the perfect husband to Sarah and a doting dad to their little boy, Daniel. But their incredible father-son bond was cruelly ripped apart when Terry began suffering with dementia…

Diet Madness
Monster Muncher

Miriam was prepared to go to any extreme to lose weight, no matter how crazy it seemed…

I lost you – but gained a family

Harriet, 59, was devastated when her son took his life – but things took an unexpected turn…

A Reader Romance
La La Land was REAL for me!

When Louise got tickets to see the hit film everyone is raving about, it held extra significance for her…

One tragedy led to two miracles

Hadley and Gentry Eddings’s world was shattered after an accident took the lives of their children – but now the couple have new hope…

Nightmare Wedding
I banned my bridesmaids at war

Jenny was so excited to have her two best friends as bridesmaids, but were they as excited as her…?

Locked in HELL

Jenny was fully conscious but paralysed and locked inside her body when doctors told her hubby to turn off her life support

Hairy Moments

This is what can happen if you leave a child unattended with a pair of scissors or a razor…