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…and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

Our baby’s baptism or a Tinder date?

Guess which one my fella chose!

The thief next door

Our ‘kind-hearted’ neighbour offered to help my suffering gran, but she wasn’t what she appeared to be…

Delivered by a priest into hell on earth…

He dumped me for my DAD!

Lily was happy her boyfriend and her dad got on so well – but were they getting on a bit too well…?

Letter with love
My little fighter

What started out as a cold soon turned into something much worse and left three-year-old Freya Swarbrick battling for her life…

Murdered for being pregnant

Evil Cedric Jones murdered his pregnant girlfriend because he didn’t want to be a dad. The coward then killed himself so he didn’t have to face justice for his vile crime, which left the victim’s two boys from a previous relationship without a mother.

I did NOT kill my mum

Jailed for 11 years, Noura Jackson continues to protest her innocence…

We need to be careful

Megan Clark found herself at the centre of a national media storm when the judge in her rape trial was accused of victim-blaming by saying sex offenders look for drunk women to attack. Campaigners slammed Judge Lindsey Kushner for her comments – but the 19-year-old victim in the case has since waived her anonymity to support her comments.

My Lucky escape
I married a serial killer

When Natalia Ivanova- Vasilenko first met her husband, he was in jail for attacking a woman. She believed his claim he’d been framed – but she soon discovered the shocking truth…

My girl is growing by one and a half stone A MONTH!

Doctors are baffled by Xiao Yun’s terrifying weight gain…

I’m a yummy mummy with a brand new tummy

When Rebecca finally conquered her weight problem she was confronted by yet another hurdle to overcome in order to regain her self confidence…

Yours for a song

Well, maybe not quite a song, but this Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-style fairytale house can be all yours… for just £600,000! You can jump inside your favourite Disney classic with this adorable woodland cottage in Olalla, Washington.