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…and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

A tumour ATE my babies – and now it’s eating ME!

When Ruth Rawson fell pregnant on her honeymoon, the newlyweds were excited about starting their family. But a rare cancer would attack Ruth and her babies…

My triple tragedy – now I’m on my own

They say bad news comes in threes – and Leigh Jones knows all about that after losing the three people closest to her in one horrendous month…

My stepdad said he’d TORTURE NANA to keep me quiet

When Sally’s parents split, she was devastated – but when her mum moved in with Peter Warburton, her entire childhood became a living hell…

Getting sterilised was my BIGGEST mistake EVER!

Cheryl was adamant after her second child at 26 that she couldn’t risk getting pregnant again. But her decision to get sterilised would have a truly disastrous effect on her future happiness…

My baby deserves JUSTICE

Jenny was horrified when her partner unleashed a savage assault on her infant son and was jailed. But she’s even more stunned that the law prevents her baby’s attacker being identified – and scared that, once he’s free, he could do it all over again…

My wedding went up in flames!

Diane had a difficult time bringing up son Liam. But she never imagined he was capable of doing what he did on the eve of her wedding…

Killed by LOVE


When 13-year-old Reiha McLelland’s parents stopped her seeing the teacher she’d become obsessed with, they never thought she’d end up taking such drastic action…

My Buffy is a walking cat-astrophe!

It’s well known that cats have nine lives – but Michelle’s cat Buffy used up several of hers in her first year…

Cheeky selfie reveals shocking secret
Hanbags at dawn!


Michelle put up with hubby Scott’s constant work trips away because he was earning big money and their lifestyle was great. But one indiscreet selfie revealed Scott wasn’t working that far from home after all…

My unborn babies were KICKED out of me

Stacie met John on a night out – but it soon turned into 18 months of hell…