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…and here are just a few of our fantastic real life stories in the latest edition:

Hubby destroyed my face – then left me for being ugly

A romantic camping trip for Courtney and her husband changed her life forever…

PARALYSED as he slept

One morning, Becky’s baby Charlie woke up unable to move his legs. He was diagnosed with a condition called arteriovenous malformation. But brave Charlie refuses to let his condition get him down…

Sick paedo will soon be free to strike again…

Vile pervert Simon McDonald is obsessed with his disgusting perversion for having sex with young girls. The paedophile cannot control his evil urges and is a danger to children everywhere he goes. But despite that, he keeps being released from prison.

Mums who KILL

It’s a crime that defies belief, one which cuts through the very heart of human relationships. Mothers who kill their children.

As I gave birth I could hear Mum snoring

Holly was giving birth to her first child in her bedroom whilst her mum slept next door blissfully unaware her daughter was pregnant…

“Oh my God, no… I SHOT my DAUGHTER”

“He shooted her!” These are the words of a 10-year-old boy describing to police how his dad killed his sister…

As I raised cash for his sick sister he ran off with his lover

Jade got more than she bargained for when she tried to help her her boyfriend’s sister…

Fast food addiction gave Marci a McJelly Belly!

Marci’s fast food addiction saw her weight tip the scales at a whopping 23 and a half stone, but our latest Weight Loss Wonder Special explains how she shed over half of that weight and 14 dress sizes.

My girl had a stroke – at 11

When Rachel’s daughter fell unconscious in the park and was rushed to hospital she couldn’t believe her ears when she heard one of the paramedics suggest that her 11-year-old child had suffered a stroke…

A chuckle in court from killer dad

Aramazd Andressian hated his ex-wife with a passion that burned. He was furious she had dared to leave him and was desperate to get sole custody of their son, Aramazd Jr. But he didn’t want the boy living with him because of a deep fatherly love; he wanted the fi ve-year-old so his ex Ana Estevez wouldn’t have him. He wanted to punish her by taking away the one person she loved most.

His secret SNIP!

Natalie was hopeful of having another child with partner Andy – even though it looked like they’d be settling for just one. What she didn’t know is that Andy had already made the decision behind her back…

The family of frozen ages

When Lure Hsu revealed her true age she became an internet sensation – she might look like a teenager but the fashion blogger is actually 41 years old. And sisters Sharon, 36, and Fayfay, 40, were also blessed with the family’s amazing skin, boasting the supple complexions of women half their age.